By embracing our core value of putting people first, we offer standout benefits that directly meet our
team’s needs. Our goal? To build a thriving, supportive community where everyone succeeds. When
you shine, Beacon shines even brighter. Join us and see how we prioritize your well-being every day!


Competitive Pay Plus 

Bonus Potential

At Beacon, we value and reward your dedication through competitive pay packages and enticing bonuses.* We're committed to creating an environment where your hard work is not only recognized but also celebrated. Your success is a vital component of our collective achievement, and our compensation structure reflects our appreciation for your commitment to the team.

Paid Time Off &
Parental Leave

Recharge with our paid parental leave to spend quality time with your family. You'll also have paid time off to relax, pursue personal interests, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Paid Company &
Floating Holidays

Enjoy paid company holidays and the flexibility of floating holidays to tailor your time off, empowering you to pursue your personal interests and maintain a stable balance between your career and personal life.

Medical, Dental, & Vision Benefits

Access high-quality medical, dental, and vision care through our thoughtfully designed benefits. Our tailored package prioritizes your overall well-being, recognizing that a team's prosperity relies on the health and happiness of its members.

Health Savings &
Flexible Spending Accounts

Save pre-tax dollars to manage your healthcare expenses and achieve a more secure and flexible approach to your wellbeing.

Annual Allowances

Eligible employees can enjoy a $150 safety shoe allowance, ensuring their comfort and safety on the job, as well as a car allowance for those who qualify, providing added flexibility and support for their transportation needs.


401(k) Match

Contribute to your retirement savings, and we'll match your efforts for added financial security. Our 401(k) match reflects our commitment to support your long-term financial health, ensuring your hard work today leads to a secure and fulfilling retirement tomorrow.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Secure your financial future with Beacon's Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). Take charge of your growth by purchasing company shares at a 15% discount twice a year. This unique benefit enhances your investment portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to your long-term success and aligning your interests with the company's prosperity. 

Paid Training & Advancement Opportunities

Participate in our dynamic learning programs to gain valuable skills and industry certifications. We invest in your growth through structured training, empowering you to reach new career heights. Together, let's pave the way for your professional success.

Military Gap Pay

Qualified employees called to active duty receive a pay differential to ensure their financial stability while serving. This reflects Beacon’s commitment to supporting military personnel and their families by honoring their dedicated service. 

Annual PPE Allowance

Each year, eligible employees receive a designated amount of money to purchase the personal protective equipment needed to ensure job safety. 


Employee Assistance Program

At Beacon, we put people first, offering an array of services to connect you and your household with mental health support when and where you need it. These include individualized care, family support, quality providers, work-life services, substance abuse support, and self-guided wellness. 



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