Welcome to Beacon Building Products Canada, your gateway to exciting career opportunities beyond borders. As the largest publicly traded distributor of roofing materials and complementary building products in both the United States and Canada, Beacon is proud to extend its reach across seven Canadian provinces and counting. In Montreal, Quebec, we go beyond merely distributing materials; we empower contractors to save time, manage their work more efficiently, and enhance their businesses. Join us on this journey, where growth knows no boundaries, and together, we will shape the future of building solutions in Canada.


Medical, Dental,
& Vision Insurance

Access high-quality medical, dental, and vision care through our thoughtfully designed benefits. Our tailored package prioritizes your overall well-being, recognizing that a team's prosperity relies on the health and happiness of its members. 


Paid Company Holidays

Enjoy paid company holidays to tailor your time off, empowering you to pursue your personal interests and maintain a stable balance between your career and personal life.  

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Secure your financial future with Beacon's Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). Take charge of your growth by purchasing company shares at a 15% discount twice a year. This unique benefit enhances your investment portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to your long-term success and aligning your interests with the company's prosperity. 

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Contribute to your retirement savings, and we'll match your efforts for added financial security. Our Registered Retirement Savings Plan match reflects our commitment to support your long-term financial health, ensuring your hard work today leads to a secure and fulfilling retirement tomorrow. 



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