Sales Associate

Winter Haven, FL, US



Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

-Must be proficient at Beacon Pro Plus, promoting JobNimbus, Service Finance, and Beacon 3D Plus.

-Must be proficient at quotes and templates and the value sell of these tools.

-Debrief with your Sales Director bi-weekly. Be prepared to Present the tools and discuss obstacles that may be put in front of you.

-Train with OSR’s and assist in the sale, service, and relationship.

-Bi-weekly debrief with Sales Director.

-Understand the unique features and benefits of our product line.

-Understand the scope of our services and the uniqueness of the methods and systems we employ.

-Understand the practical and financial aspects of how our operations function.

- Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor in the market.

-Utilize the skills necessary to manage time and a territory effectively.

-Use the Prospect Data File System, Cognos, and Mincron reports available to help manage a sales territory.

- Use the necessary phone and field selling skills to sell our products and services to our customers.

-Maintain strong customer relationships by maintaining sales contacts as required by the position.

- Is ultimately responsible for the overall performance and development of assigned and newly developed accounts.

-Develop new business opportunities through cold calls and lead generation.

- Develop and execute a comprehensive monthly sales plan for their territory to service and expand our business with our existing as well as our new customers.

- The sales associate will coordinate closely with our inside sales support team and our vendors to plan and execute the promotion of products and services to our customers.

- The development and execution of a detailed annual sales plan will be a critical requirement for this position.

-Organize sales activities so that face to face selling time to the customer is maximized.

-Utilize selling and professional traits needed to make a positive impact on all prospects and customers.

- Display enthusiasm and treat all prospects and customers with respect.

- Display professionalism in appearance and mannerisms at all times.

-Samples, sales aids and personal grooming are neat, clean and fresh looking.

-Automobile is kept neat, clean and in good repair.

-Constantly work on self-improvement and learning.

-Analyze personal performance and learn from mistakes.

- React positively to evaluations, appraisals, and feedback and work to improve development objectives. Do everything possible to prepare for other Beacon Roofing Supply opportunities that may arise.

-Observe and benchmark off of other outstanding Sales Representatives in all aspects of the sales process to utilize skills necessary in your sales territory.

-Compatible with Beacon Culture

-Maintain social, ethical and organizational norms of Beacon. Conduct business activity, at all times, in a manner consistent with the company's corporate culture.

-Consistently make the kind of effort necessary to accomplish sales goals. Be prompt and display competitive

urgency at all times.




Listening - Extract information from conversations through proper listening.

Oral Communication - Effective expression in individual or group situations (includes gestures and non-verbal communication).

Sensitivity - Act with consideration of the feelings and needs of others.

Tenacity - Stay with a sales plan until the objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably obtainable.

Persuasiveness - Gain agreement and acceptance of ideas, plans activities and recommendations.

Impact - Create a good first impression, command attention and respect, and show an air of confidence.

Enthusiasm - Display genuine interest, excitement and eagerness toward job, company and prospects.

Behavioral Flexibility - Modify behavior to reach a goal. Demonstrates versatility.

Adaptability - Effective in various environments and situations and with various personality styles.

Resilience - Handle disappointment and rejection while staying effective.

Initiative - Is a self-starter. Take action to achieve goals beyond what is necessary called for.

Empathy - Take a sincere interest in what the customer or prospect really needs to improve his business.

Self-Reliance - Cope well in competitive sales situations with little supervision.

Character - Operate within the character of our company (philosophy, integrity, policies and procedures).

Enthusiastic - Motivated by selling (interested, enthusiastic and committed to the sales function).

Professional - Competent and consistent Sales Representative; good at the job and knows why.

Compatible with Beacon Culture

Integrity - Maintain social, ethical and organizational norms of Beacon.

Work Ethic - Consistently make the kind of effort necessary to accomplish sales goals.

Maintains a Good Driving Safety Record

Driver's License - Maintain a valid driver's license.

Training – Develop new and existing skills through educational programs with both company provided and vendor supported training.

Beacon's competitive advantage is our people and our value proposition is the differentiator. 

-— Christopher Harrison
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer 

Nearest Major Market: Lakeland